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15 Feb


I’m a professional English teacher who has to check plenty of articles written by my students. It usually takes lots of time to do this job. Time and energy has been saved since I found Grammarly. Although it cost me some money, it helps me much more than that money.

I’d like to introduce it to all my friends and students who need to write in English.


Features and Benefits


  • 150+ Grammar Checks

Check your text for the proper use of advanced grammar rules. Get accurate error explanations.

  •  Plagiarism Detection

Find borrowed text before it gets you into trouble. Automatically generate references.

  •  Vocabulary Enhancement

Use words that make an impact. Liven up your sentences and improve readability with context-optimized word choice suggestions.

  •  Contextual Spell Check

Spot correctly spelled words used in the wrong context. No more embarrassing typos like then-than, to-two-too, lose-loose.


 Who Uses Grammarly


  • School and Academic Research

Academic writing comprises a wide set of norms and genres that are difficult to grasp. Grammarly gives students an indispensable proofreading tool that not only catches plagiarism, grammar and style mistakes, but also delivers instructional feedback that serves to make students better writers.

  •  International Business

English is firmly entrenched nearly everywhere as the international language of business. Grammarly is used by businessmen from all parts of the world who want to communicate more clearly with their partners and customers.

  •  Social Media and Blogs

Correct grammar and spelling are pivotal for blogger reputation and credibility. Grammarly provides bloggers with a 360-degree view of writing mistakes in a post and ensures that their writing is always up to professional standards.



“I never thought I would be impressed with a grammar checker… I’m an English major and a full-time blogger, and Grammarly has helped me get rid of comma splice and dangling modifier habits. You guys have come up with a truly revolutionary product that really boosts my writing confidence level.”

Megan, technology blogger, Canada


“Grammarly has really helped me and my grades have improved. I have a severe back injury and lately my grades have fallen a few points. Grammarly has helped me pick up my grades and retain a fair 3.0 GPA.”

Stella, college student, USA


“I am a banker and need to ensure that my English writing is up to native speaker standards. I got so hooked on Grammarly that no email gets sent without running it through Grammarly first. ”

Jürgen, investment banker, Germany




6 Feb


What Is Freelancer About is the most popular website for people who need jobs or people who need workers.

The world of outsourcing is now available for small businesses!
Tap into the global labour pool of skilled workers on demand.

Tap into thousands of experts with a large range of skills and abilities: From Graphic Design through to Data Entry, Programming, Copywriting through to Market Research and Sales. For any job you can think of, we have the talent.

Increase your sales and dramatically lower your costs by using freelancers.
The average job is under $200!

Because our users are from all over the world, you can literally find workers on demand 24 x 7 x 365!

It only takes seconds to post a project and we have thousands of workers ready to start immediately!

It’s so easy anyone can do it. Your first project is free to post!

Nowadays just about anything!

Here are some common things that small businesses like to outsource to give you an idea:

  • Logo design, business cards, graphic design

  • Website design

  • Technical support your website or computer

  • Research pricing of your competitors’ products and services

  • Market research

  • Typesetting of brochures, manuals, catalogues

  • Translation of website or other documents

  • Preparation of Powerpoint presentations

  • Data entry

  • Product design or manufacturing

  • Telemarketing

  • Drafting plans for a new house or cafe

  • Search Engine Optimisation of your website

  • Sourcing of products from China


The list goes on and on….!


5 Feb



AsTranslator use the power of Internet machine language translation engines, and enables you to easily translate text file, letters, chat, and emails between major International languages. User can choose language interface as needs.
With this software, everyone can be AS a translator.

AS Translator supports translations between the following 52 languages:

   French     français
   German     Deutsch
   Italian     Italiano
   Dutch     Nederlands
   Portuguese     Português
   Spanish     español
   Catalan     català
   Greek     Ελληνικά
   Russian     русский
   Chinese (Simplified)     中文(简体)
   Chinese (Traditional)     中文(繁體)
   Japanese     日本語
   Korean     한국어
   Finnish     suomi
   Czech     česky
   Danish     Dansk
   Romanian     Română
   Bulgarian     български
   Croatian     hrvatski
   Hindi     हिन्दी
   Indonesian     Indonesia
   Latvian     latviešu
   Lithuanian     lietuvių
   Norwegian     norsk (bokmål)
   Serbian     српски
   Ukrainian     українська
   Slovak     slovenčina
   Slovenian     slovenščina
   Swedish     svenska
   Polish     polski
   Vietnamese     Tiếng Việt
   Arabic     العربية
   Hebrew     עברית
   Turkish     Türkçe
   Hungarian     magyar
   Thai     ภาษาไทย
   Albanian     Shqip
   Maltese     Malti
   Estonian     eesti
   Belarusian     Беларуская
   Icelandic     íslensku
   Malay     Bahasa Malaysia
   Irish     Gaeilge
   Macedonian     македонски
   Persian     پارسی
   Galician     galego
   Welsh     Cymraeg
   Yiddish     אידיש
   Swahili     Kiswahili

Main Features:

  • Powerful online dictionaries and Chinese example sentences
  • Chinese word challenge
  • Translate Chinese article into English article.Or vice versa.(only available in Full Edition)
  • Convert Simplified Chinese script to Traditional Chinese script.Or vice versa.
  • Play word with Chinese speaking voice
  • Make your own vocabulary(only available in Full Edition)
  • Support unicode.Input any language in explanation field(only available in Full Edition)
  • Autogeneration pinyin(only available in Full Edition)
  • Display Chinese word and pinyin with big font hint
  • Pause and resume word playing
  • Play word in mute mode
  • Play word randomly
  • Move the play bar anywhere
  • Display word list in current playing vocabulary
  • Display word and explanation in play bar
  • Display word and explanation on the desktop
  • Display word and explanation in the titile bar of current active window
  • Delay displaying explanation
  • Exchange positions of word and explanation
  • Display Traditional Chinese instead of Simplified Chinese
  • Add,insert,update,delete,locate HSK words in a vocabulary(only available in Full Edition)
  • Add or replace explanation by online translation in imported vocabulary(only available in Full Edition)
  • Search Chinese word in all vocabulary
  • Add or edit bookmark
  • Load assigned bookmark for a word playing
  • Change voice speaking rate
  • Change voice volume
  • Change play interval
  • Jump to another word position in current playing vocabulary
  • Change the transparency of play bar
  • Change desktop output setting
  • Set play bar display as a topmost window
  • Choose favorite skin from three built-in skins
  • Version upgrade window(only available in Full Edition)


how to learn English

3 Feb

How To Learn English


  I’ve been an English teacher for about 10 years. How to let students grasp the language in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing is what I’m always doing. I’d like to use all tools I can find to help them. One of the tools includes How To Learn English, an ebook related to all arounds of English.



Key Benefits

Here are the key benefits you get from using the techniques in my book:

  • Think in English. You will be able to think, speak, talk, tell a story, share a secret, have a laugh, tell a joke… All in English. The purpose of my book is simple: making you as good in English as a native speaker.
  • Handle English as easily as your native language. You will be able to switch back and forth between the two naturally — with the same level of precision and comfort in each.
  • Understand any conversation, no matter how complex. People will talk at normal speed and you will be able to follow and participate like it is no big deal.
  • Be able to find your words and express your thoughts, while still having your own personal style. I want you to both know good English and still be yourself, natural, when you use it.
  • Grow confident: lose your accent, be stress-less and know you will speak good English for life.


Specific Benefits       

  • Start learning English again, this time without stress nor pressure.
  • Learn efficient memory tricks: the proper way to remember words, meaning and pronunciation.
  • Learn how people actually speak English in real life! (They do not speak the way they do in literature!)
  • Learn to find your words in English — and go at your own speed!
  • Learn to write in English with your own style.
  • Learn to speak casually and also to use slang, just like native speakers do.
  • Save money and gain a lot of experience with the language, as if you were traveling.
  • Learn visually: save time and remember things better.
  • Speak English with a clear pronunciation and be easily understood.
  • Lose your foreign accent!
  • Develop your own English accent and make socializing easier.
  • Understand native speakers more clearly and easily.
  • Understand phonetics and be able to use dictionaries more effectively, to know the perfect way to pronounce words.
  • Know and remember how to pronounce each of the English sounds — make it all natural for you.
  • Improve your memory of what you read in English — very useful for work and learning.
  • Get the self-confidence that comes from finishing your first book in English.
  • Guess the meaning of new words thanks to the context.
  • Be able to work in English and to learn new skills in English.
  • Improve your spoken English everyday.
  • Grow used to spoken English in just two weeks.
  • Bring your verbal skills to a new stage in English.
  • Never lose your English skills ever again.
  • Make phone calls in English with confidence.
  • Understand people easily and tune in to their accents.
  • Let your words out easily and speak smoothly.
  • Learn to speak in a clear and relaxed way.
  • Turn your thoughts into English words instantly.
  • Understand and speak like a native speaker of English!


3 Feb

 English Survival Kit


I’ve been an English teacher for about 10 years. How to let students grasp the language in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing is what I’m always doing. I’d like to use all tools I can find to help them. One of the tools includes Englishsurvialkit, an ebook related to Oral English.

According to linguists, people learn foreign languages by remembering phrases than words or sentences. Based on this fact, I have created this book to help you speak English in a short period of time. Most of the people are familiar with many words, but they don’t know how to talk. Their ability to form sentences is limited due to the inadequate number of phrases.

Everyday Survival Kit for English Learners includes more than 100 situational conversations with many common phrases. You can use these phrases in all the situations that you encounter everyday. The purpose of this book is to help you communicate effectively.

It’s a great way to practice on how to communicate effectively on your own. Just practice few conversations at a time. Role-play at home or in a place you choose. Have fun with it. I can guarantee that you can keep this book as a reference. You can refer to this book whenever you encounter any situations where you had difficulty talking. 

Here is one letter to the author:

Dear Sharmila,
I’m writing to express my appreciation towards your helpful tips on your Everyday Survival Kit for English Learners, book. I was born in Korea, and English is my second language. I only took English as one subject at school. I can write English, but it was very hard to talk in English. Your book helped me to talk better. I want to thank you for the great book that you published.
Dong lee   

Now is the Right Time to Start Speaking English Confidently!

 Here is another letter to the author:

Dear Author,
My name is Seda Samet and I am a student. Your e-book is great and helps me to talk in English. I take this printout version when we travel to different English speaking countries. It was really helpful. I not only learnt how to talk to new people, but also the culture in English speaking countries. My parents can’t speak English, so they always expected me to learn English. So when I went to London with my parents, I took your book with me wherever I went. It was a great help.
Thank again for your great book.


Inspirational Kids’ Stories

2 Feb

Inspirational Kids’Stories

 Read Books to Child 

I’m a mother of 4-year-old daughter. Every night, I am asked to tell a story in the bed by my little daughter. I bought a lot of books which cost me a lot of money. Recently I found an ebook called Inspirational Kids Stories quite good and useful for her education. I’d like to share it with you.

My daughter just loves these stories! The very first night I downloaded Inspirational Kids’ Stories I printed it out and my daughter and I had the time of our lives. She especially loves the story Magic Mom and also Treasures in the Attic. It used to take me ages to find the right kind of uplifting stories to share with my children. Now I’ve got 32 of them to choose from. Thanks Doctor Daryl … armed with these stories I’m confident my children are being exposed to the right kind of messages…

It’s an e-book full of inspiring, wholesome stories that will delight your children. Brimming with 32 individual stories, and gives you a whole smorgasbord of uplifting tales to choose from.

The stories teach children the values that seem to be lost in this new millennium. Once your children get to hear these stories they’ll be begging for more!