how to learn English

3 Feb

How To Learn English


  I’ve been an English teacher for about 10 years. How to let students grasp the language in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing is what I’m always doing. I’d like to use all tools I can find to help them. One of the tools includes How To Learn English, an ebook related to all arounds of English.



Key Benefits

Here are the key benefits you get from using the techniques in my book:

  • Think in English. You will be able to think, speak, talk, tell a story, share a secret, have a laugh, tell a joke… All in English. The purpose of my book is simple: making you as good in English as a native speaker.
  • Handle English as easily as your native language. You will be able to switch back and forth between the two naturally — with the same level of precision and comfort in each.
  • Understand any conversation, no matter how complex. People will talk at normal speed and you will be able to follow and participate like it is no big deal.
  • Be able to find your words and express your thoughts, while still having your own personal style. I want you to both know good English and still be yourself, natural, when you use it.
  • Grow confident: lose your accent, be stress-less and know you will speak good English for life.


Specific Benefits       

  • Start learning English again, this time without stress nor pressure.
  • Learn efficient memory tricks: the proper way to remember words, meaning and pronunciation.
  • Learn how people actually speak English in real life! (They do not speak the way they do in literature!)
  • Learn to find your words in English — and go at your own speed!
  • Learn to write in English with your own style.
  • Learn to speak casually and also to use slang, just like native speakers do.
  • Save money and gain a lot of experience with the language, as if you were traveling.
  • Learn visually: save time and remember things better.
  • Speak English with a clear pronunciation and be easily understood.
  • Lose your foreign accent!
  • Develop your own English accent and make socializing easier.
  • Understand native speakers more clearly and easily.
  • Understand phonetics and be able to use dictionaries more effectively, to know the perfect way to pronounce words.
  • Know and remember how to pronounce each of the English sounds — make it all natural for you.
  • Improve your memory of what you read in English — very useful for work and learning.
  • Get the self-confidence that comes from finishing your first book in English.
  • Guess the meaning of new words thanks to the context.
  • Be able to work in English and to learn new skills in English.
  • Improve your spoken English everyday.
  • Grow used to spoken English in just two weeks.
  • Bring your verbal skills to a new stage in English.
  • Never lose your English skills ever again.
  • Make phone calls in English with confidence.
  • Understand people easily and tune in to their accents.
  • Let your words out easily and speak smoothly.
  • Learn to speak in a clear and relaxed way.
  • Turn your thoughts into English words instantly.
  • Understand and speak like a native speaker of English!

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