5 Feb



AsTranslator use the power of Internet machine language translation engines, and enables you to easily translate text file, letters, chat, and emails between major International languages. User can choose language interface as needs.
With this software, everyone can be AS a translator.

AS Translator supports translations between the following 52 languages:

   French     français
   German     Deutsch
   Italian     Italiano
   Dutch     Nederlands
   Portuguese     Português
   Spanish     español
   Catalan     català
   Greek     Ελληνικά
   Russian     русский
   Chinese (Simplified)     中文(简体)
   Chinese (Traditional)     中文(繁體)
   Japanese     日本語
   Korean     한국어
   Finnish     suomi
   Czech     česky
   Danish     Dansk
   Romanian     Română
   Bulgarian     български
   Croatian     hrvatski
   Hindi     हिन्दी
   Indonesian     Indonesia
   Latvian     latviešu
   Lithuanian     lietuvių
   Norwegian     norsk (bokmål)
   Serbian     српски
   Ukrainian     українська
   Slovak     slovenčina
   Slovenian     slovenščina
   Swedish     svenska
   Polish     polski
   Vietnamese     Tiếng Việt
   Arabic     العربية
   Hebrew     עברית
   Turkish     Türkçe
   Hungarian     magyar
   Thai     ภาษาไทย
   Albanian     Shqip
   Maltese     Malti
   Estonian     eesti
   Belarusian     Беларуская
   Icelandic     íslensku
   Malay     Bahasa Malaysia
   Irish     Gaeilge
   Macedonian     македонски
   Persian     پارسی
   Galician     galego
   Welsh     Cymraeg
   Yiddish     אידיש
   Swahili     Kiswahili

Main Features:

  • Powerful online dictionaries and Chinese example sentences
  • Chinese word challenge
  • Translate Chinese article into English article.Or vice versa.(only available in Full Edition)
  • Convert Simplified Chinese script to Traditional Chinese script.Or vice versa.
  • Play word with Chinese speaking voice
  • Make your own vocabulary(only available in Full Edition)
  • Support unicode.Input any language in explanation field(only available in Full Edition)
  • Autogeneration pinyin(only available in Full Edition)
  • Display Chinese word and pinyin with big font hint
  • Pause and resume word playing
  • Play word in mute mode
  • Play word randomly
  • Move the play bar anywhere
  • Display word list in current playing vocabulary
  • Display word and explanation in play bar
  • Display word and explanation on the desktop
  • Display word and explanation in the titile bar of current active window
  • Delay displaying explanation
  • Exchange positions of word and explanation
  • Display Traditional Chinese instead of Simplified Chinese
  • Add,insert,update,delete,locate HSK words in a vocabulary(only available in Full Edition)
  • Add or replace explanation by online translation in imported vocabulary(only available in Full Edition)
  • Search Chinese word in all vocabulary
  • Add or edit bookmark
  • Load assigned bookmark for a word playing
  • Change voice speaking rate
  • Change voice volume
  • Change play interval
  • Jump to another word position in current playing vocabulary
  • Change the transparency of play bar
  • Change desktop output setting
  • Set play bar display as a topmost window
  • Choose favorite skin from three built-in skins
  • Version upgrade window(only available in Full Edition)



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