6 Feb


What Is Freelancer About is the most popular website for people who need jobs or people who need workers.

The world of outsourcing is now available for small businesses!
Tap into the global labour pool of skilled workers on demand.

Tap into thousands of experts with a large range of skills and abilities: From Graphic Design through to Data Entry, Programming, Copywriting through to Market Research and Sales. For any job you can think of, we have the talent.

Increase your sales and dramatically lower your costs by using freelancers.
The average job is under $200!

Because our users are from all over the world, you can literally find workers on demand 24 x 7 x 365!

It only takes seconds to post a project and we have thousands of workers ready to start immediately!

It’s so easy anyone can do it. Your first project is free to post!

Nowadays just about anything!

Here are some common things that small businesses like to outsource to give you an idea:

  • Logo design, business cards, graphic design

  • Website design

  • Technical support your website or computer

  • Research pricing of your competitors’ products and services

  • Market research

  • Typesetting of brochures, manuals, catalogues

  • Translation of website or other documents

  • Preparation of Powerpoint presentations

  • Data entry

  • Product design or manufacturing

  • Telemarketing

  • Drafting plans for a new house or cafe

  • Search Engine Optimisation of your website

  • Sourcing of products from China


The list goes on and on….!


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